Foxtrot & the Get Down

They hopped in two SUV's and drove up from Philadelphia to play a few songs on the radio and talk about their new album, "Roots Too Deep."  Let us introduce you to Foxtrot & the Get Down.

Francesca Blanchard

Vermont singer-songwriter, Francesca Blanchard dropped by to play songs from and talk about her album "Deux Visions." It's a bilingual album from this young French-born singer. She talks about how music became her calling and how the songs came to be.

Dallas singer-songwriter, Matthew Wolcott dropped by to play songs from and talk about his EP "Western Lights."  Soon you can see videos from his session below the full audio of the session. Also see his official video for the song "Western Lights," too.


The trio from Long Island known as Pandafan dropped by to play some new songs for us, and to talk about their new single called "Selkie's Song."

The Colorado trio known as Edison dropped by to talk about and play songs from their new album, "Familiar Spirit."  Be looking back for the full session audio, soon.

Stone Senate

With many comparisons to The Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd, Stone Senate from Nashville are a rock band with many influences.  Check them out here in an acoustic setting, but do make sure you listen to their record as they do rock!  The full session audio is below the videos.

Melissa Greener

Melissa Greener is a singer-songwriter originally from Detroit. She makes her home in Nashville these days. She got her start singing songs she heard on the radio, and mimicking her mom who would sing around the house.  Her latest album is "Transistor Corazon." She's working on new material for an album to come out perhaps in 2018.  Learn more about Melissa at her website.

Bobby Bazini

French-Canadian singer-songwriter, Bobby Bazini stopped by to play songs from and chat about his new album, "Summer Is Gone."  We talked with him about his growing up in rural Quebec, writing songs, and more.


Though perhaps technically a singer-songwriter, Ian Fitzgerald prefers the term 'folk singer,' as it more accurately describes the tradition in which his music is rooted. From early twentieth century field recordings through Hank Williams, Bob Dylan, Gillian Welch, and hundreds of artists in between, Ian has been influenced by one of the sturdiest strains of American music. 

Hear Ian play songs from his new album, "You Won't Even Know I'm Gone" and chat with Dave Michaels Live@EXT:

Craig Finn

Craig Finn of The Hold Steady is out on a tour of people's living rooms. On his way through town, he stopped by to play songs and talk up his new album, "We All Want the Same Things."

Visit Craig's website to see about his living room tour, and to find out more about the new album and all things Craig Finn.

Chuck Prophet

Chuck Prophet dropped by to play songs and talk about his new album, "Bobby Fuller Died for Your Sins."  We'll post the full session after it airs, but for now - enjoy the videos of the songs.

And make sure you see what Chuck is up to as he is out and about promoting the record.  Visit his website.

Dan Layus

Augustana front man, Dan Layus has embarked upon a solo career with songs and a new album called "Dangerous Things."  He dropped by to play a few songs. Here are the videos.

Enjoy the session as Dan talks about Augustana, going solo, writing songs and more  

Peter Case

Peter Case dropped by ahead of a great show at The Low Beat in October.  He played a few songs from his new album, "HWY 62."  Thanks for rockin' with us Peter.

Sawyer Fredericks

What a pleasure it was to have Sawyer Fredericks in the studio! The winner of the 8th season of NBC's The Voice proves yet again that he is wise beyond his years. 

"From his song 'Red Memories,' to our conversation about his song 'Not Coming Home,' Sawyer Fredericks never ceases to amaze me. The future is so bright for this local 518'er, he might need some shades to go along with that iconic hat of his!"

Videos are below the audio player.  In the session, he plays "Red Memories," "Not Coming Home," and "A Good Storm."

Kelly Paige

NYC singer-songwriter, Kelly Paige has a voice that will knock your socks off.  Hear about her and listen to her sing in this session we recorded recently.  Visit Kelly's website for more information.

Live @ EXT: LOLO

Nov 4, 2016

Lauren Pritchard, aka LOLO dropped by to sing some songs and talk about her new album, "In Loving Memory of When I Gave a Sh@#!"

See her in action in the three videos of the songs she sang that day.  Hear the full session below the videos.

Boo Ray

Meet Boo Ray, a singer-songwriter from the hills of Western North Carolina.  He splits his time between Nashville, Athens, GA and Los Angeles (when not on tour).  On his way through the northeast, Boo and his band stopped by. They broke it down in a near string-band style for us.  Check them out!

Kaia Kater

Kaia Kater's new album is "Nine Pin." In this session, she plays a few songs, talks about how old-time music became a part of her life, and more. Hear the session below, and below that see the songs in video form.

The Batture Boys

Tommy Malone of the Subdudes and Ray Ganucheau of Continental Drifters have joined forces as The Batture Boys. They dropped by to play a few songs, including a brand new one that hasn't been released as of this posting.

John Hall at WEXT

John Hall of the band Orleans stopped by to talk with us about his book "Still the One: A Rock N Roll Journey to Congress and Back." He also played a few songs for us. Visit his Facebook page for more information.

Below the videos of the songs is the session is the full session audio.

Blake Christiana of the band Yarn is a hometown boy from Schenectady, and we were lucky enough to catch up with him about the new album, "This Is The Year" when he and his family were home on vacation.

Josh Ritter at WEXT

Josh Ritter came to play The Egg on Friday, July 22nd, 2016. Just before he headed down for soundcheck, he stopped by to play a few songs from his amazing 8th album, "Sermon on the Rocks." (video captured by Dominick Figliomeni).

And these cool videos from our YouTube channel.  Go on over to subscribe for these and more!

The Felice Brothers at WEXT

The Felice Brothers dropped by to promote their new album, "Life in the Dark," by playing a few songs in the studio for us.  Check it out.

Dylan LeBlanc

WEXT hosted a session with Shreveport, LA's Dylan LeBlanc as he tours promoting his new album, "Cautionary Tale."

The Small Glories

The Winnipeg, Manitoba duo the Small Glories stopped by to play a few songs and talk about their new album "Wondrous Traveler."  This session first aired on WEXT on July 8th.

Mike Doughty

Mike Doughty's 2005 album "Haughty Melodic" went on to become a modern day classic.  The songs resonate with so many of us. It's just been reissued, and Mike dropped by to play a few songs in the studio with his compadre, Andrew "Scrap" Livingston.

Sean Rowe

Our good friend Sean Rowe dropped by the studio to announce plans for a new Kickstarter campaign.  Congratulations! Great job, Sean.

The Heavy On World Cafe

May 14, 2016

From the start, British band The Heavy, from Bath, England, has been successful in bringing a retro-soul sound to indie rock. The band's 2009 debut album contained "How You Like Me Now?", a song beloved by music supervisors and heard in shows like The Vampire Diaries, Entourage, and Community.

JD Simo

Blues rock guitarist, JD Simo slipped out of his rockin' trio to play an acoustic set at WEXT before he headed down to play at The Hangar.

7Horse at WEXT

See cool video performances from 7Horse in our studio.