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Life's a beach ... at least in "Baywatch": Jay Bobbin reviews the movie version of the globally popular TV series.

Alien: Covenant

In space, no one still can hear you scream ... if you do: Jay Bobbin reviews the prequel "Alien: Covenant."

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Jay Bobbin

It’s time for that annual ritual of film lovers and film reviewers, a very subjective list of the best that the screen has had to offer during the past 12 months.


Some may be expected, while others hopefully will be surprises -- which always makes for a nice mix. And rather than rank them numerically, my custom is to list them alphabetically. Wherever a given picture places among the chosen 10, it’s still a rare and special level to get to.


With that, let’s go (or go back, in some cases) to the 2016 movies …


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Paramount Pictures

The Magnificent Seven

A new septet (led by Denzel Washington), a classic story: Jay Bobbin reviews the remake of “The Magnificent Seven."  

Blair Witch 2

Be afraid … be very afraid: Jay Bobbin goes back into the woods with his "Blair Witch" review.  

Tom Hanks takes flight as "Sully": Jay Bobbin reviews the Clint Eastwood-directed drama about the "Miracle on the Hudson."

Don't Breathe

Among the many good reasons not to be a criminal: "Don't Breathe." Jay Bobbin reviews the thriller.


A ride worth taking anew? Jay Bobbin reviews the remake of "Ben-Hur."

Florence Foster Jenkins

Does Meryl Streep hit the right notes as "Florence Foster Jenkins"? Jay Bobbin tunes in.  

Does "Jason Bourne" keep its identity? Jay Bobbin reviews Matt Damon¹s latest adventure as the action hero.