Local 518

Hector On Stilts

Another eclectic, unique, diverse bunch of tunes selected by Andy Gregory for tonight's Local 518 ‪‎Show at 11pm‬ (and Saturday at 6pm). Featuring Sly Fox and The Hustlers, Titanics, Candy Ambulance (before MaryLeigh Roohan joined), Palm Blush, JB aka Dirty Moses, Myron James, and Shane Guerrette.


Mike Poulopoulos (Rebel Darling) and Zack Hay  (North & South Dakotas) stopped by WEXT and chatted with Dave Michaels. 

Mike and Zack, together with Adam Brockway (Eastbound Jesus) are playing at Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs this Sunday, January 15th.  The Americana Songwriters In The Round will showcase the songwriting talents of these three amazing Local 518'ers. 

Hear a sneak peak of what you can expect as they trade songs and talk with Dave:

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland has announced the Class of 2017:  Joan Baez, Electric Light Orchestra, Journey, Pearl Jam, Tupac Shakur and Yes. 

And Local 518 singer/songwriter Michael Eck weighed in as a voting member of the Hall!  Hear Michael talk with Dave Michaels about his connection to the Hall, the voting process, the hits and misses, and all the movers and shakers, the visionaries and inspirations that changed the way we listen to rock & roll. 

Holidays on WEXT

Each year Christmas through New Year's WEXT has brought you some special programming to brighten and cheer for the holidays.  As we're about to enter our 10th anniversary year, this year continues the tradition.  

Below you will find the special programming listed to help celebrate the season. 

Local 518 Show 1616

Dec 15, 2016

Stay with Exit 977 WEXT during a break in the 977 Greatest Songs countdown to listen to The Local 518 Show at 11pm (and Saturday at 6pm). Andy Gregory has music by Darling Valley, The Fire Trail, Jasper, Chas Hollywood (of Lut - The Band), Sandy McKnight & The Idea, and Alex Torres and His Latin Orchestra. The funky grooves of the ‎Attic Classic comes from The Stomplistics, their single "Fifteen And Gone."

Wolf Hollow Brewing

Get to our friends at Wolf Hollow Brewing for a taste of something special, and we're not just talking about their beer. Visit with them sometime.  Wolf Hollow Brewing Company on Route 5 in Glenville. 

Here are the bands that they have coming up:

10.29 - The North and South Dakotas

11.19 - Jim Gaudet and the Railroad Boys

12.10 - Low Lily (from Brattleboro, VT)

1.14 - Mikey Sweet (from Northampton, MA)

2.8 - Matt Flinner Trio

Mountain Snow Orchestra

For many years, the support band for Bridget Ball and Chris Shaw’s long running hit Christmas show ‘Mountain Snow Mistletoe’ consisted of Kevin McKrellBrian Melick and John Kirk. As the Mountain Snow Orchestra, they keep the tradition alive with a down home evening of holiday music, merriment and mischief.

The Local 518 Show 1613

Nov 26, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy The Local 518 Show with Andy Gregory at 6pm, with tasty music by The Last Conspirators, TwoGuys, MÖRDWÖLF, Victory Soul Orchestra, Lucky Jukebox Brigade, and Super 400. The Attic Classic is a tryptophan antidote from groove heavy band GDFU (greatdayforup), with the song "Crash Landing."

New Shiny Things

Join Andy Gregory tonight at 11 pm (and Saturday at 6 pm) for the Local 518 ‪‎Show‬, with new and old favorites by The Figgs, Belle-Skinner, The Matchstick Architects, Eastbound Jesus, Penny Jar, Tim Olsen Band, and Party of Three. The Attic Classic is techno-pop quirkiness by New Shiny Things, a collaboration between Billy Harrigan and Sara Ayers from 1982.

Summer of Doug

Come celebrate Local 518 blues rock band Summer of Doug's 5th anniversary!

Saturday, November 12 at 7pm

The Van Dyck Lounge

237 Union Street, Schenectady 


Tonight 11pm (and Saturday at 6pm), Andy Gregory hosts the Local 518 ‪‎Show‬, an All Saints' & All Souls' Days recovery mix of music by The Erotics, Chris Itani / The Hard Luck Souls, MaryLeigh Roohan, MIRK, Matt Maguire Music, and Otter. He dug deep into the Attic Classic cd crate for a track by Style Martly, "Lame" from their 1997 'Crush' album. 

And catch the Fear Of Strangers reunion on 518 Sessions immediately following. 


Tonight 11pm (and Saturday at 6pm), Andy Gregory hosts the Local 518 ‪‎Show‬, an eclectic mix of music by The Black Ships, Sandy McKnight, Cosby Gibson, The Lustre Kings, DYER SWITCH BAND, and Huxtable Christensen & Hood. The Attic Classic is the snarky, gently biting soft-rock ballad "Cosmic Love Songs" from Albany's merry popsters Blotto. It's a deep cut from the collection 'Then More Than Ever'. Happy Halloween!

The show is followed by a 518 Session with Daisycutter, celebrating their new album "Waiting For the Stars." (1130pm tonight and 630pm Saturday)

Lumpen Proles

Join Andy Gregory tonight 11pm for the Local 518 ‪‎Show‬. This October summer is crazy! Cool down with music by Black Mountain Symphony, The North & South Dakotas, NEQ (i.e. TN3), The Adirondack Whaling Company, Daisycutter with Sara Milonovich, and Pony in the Pancake. The Attic Classic is from post-punk band Lumpen Proles, with their 1983 single "She Wasn't Home". Defying a punk bands usually short lifespan, new recordings are threatened... soon.

Marty Wendell is on 518 Sessions at 1130pm.


Join Andy Gregory tonight 11pm (and Saturday at 6pm) for the Local518 ‪‎Show (#1607)‬. Variety is what there is, with music by State Champs, Citizen's Treasure, Bryan Mathys, Darling Valley, and Tearle Ashby. The Attic Classic is from Micah, a band that performed cutting edge British-style progressive rock. They released one rare & unique record in 1971, the songs recorded live in one take.

Attic Classic
Amy Abdou

Join Andy Gregory tonight 11pm (and Saturday at 6pm) for the Local 518 ‪‎Show‬. Once again, an eclectic mix of music by Small Axe, Black Mountain Symphony, Alenni, The Further Unsound, Annie & the Hedonists, and Olivia Quillio. The Attic Classic is ethereal yet edgy, from Amy Abdou's critically acclaimed album 'The Girl Who Has Everything.'

Daisycutter CD release

Friday, October 14, join Local 518 Daisycutter as they release their new CD, "Waiting For the Stars" featuring the song "Leave a Light On."

The album release show will be held at The Linda. Visit their website for more information. 

Hear a special session featuring acoustic performances of songs from the album, Wednesday, October 5th just after 8pm. 

Decadent Royals

Join Andy Gregory tonight at 11pm for the Local 518 ‪‎Show‬. He's got some great music by Sawyer Fredericks, Red Haired Strangers, kayln rock, Yankee Holler, Snook Bros.

Pure Dirt

Join Andy Gregory tonight at 11pm (and Saturday at 6pm) for the Local 518 ‪‎Show‬. It's the first day of Autumn! Fall for your favorite music by Dust Bowl Faeries, Hand Habits, Maurizio Russomanno, a track by Thom Daly from the Rose Record Label Group compilation, Candy Ambulance, and Joe Mansman and The Midnight Revival Band.

The Attic Classic song is "Stony Ground Pt 2" from Scotia alt-rock band Pure Dirt - among the many formed out of local high schools and colleges during the 90's.

Luminous Crush

Laura Molinelli and Ben Campbell stopped by to play a few songs from the new album by Luminous Crush called "Lumina," and a couple songs from the forthcoming recording The Bondville Boys will be doing (both are members of both bands).

Have a listen to the session here.

Fear Of Strangers

September 23, 2016, Fear Of Strangers reunite to play some old favorites, and a few new things that will delight the fans.  The show is at The Hollow in Albany.  Click here for details.  They dropped by for a session with Chris Wienk.  Check it out here.

1313 Mockingbird Lane

Join Andy Gregory tonight at 11pm (and Saturday 6pm) for the Local 518 ‪‎Show‬. There's music by The Sea The Sea, Bendt, Bob Warren, The Last Conspirators, Good Fiction, and Sly Fox and the Hustlers. PLUS an ‎Attic Classic‬ from 1313 Mockingbird Lanes' 1993 disc 'Triskaidekaphobia'. "(I Don't Wanna) Hold Your Hand" - anti-Beatles song? Tune in, give a listen, and decide.

Dan Berggren and Ed Lowman

Dan Berggren's Adirondack roots have sustained this award-winning folk musician for over 40 years, filling his performances with honesty, humor and a strong sense of place. He's joined by Ed Lowman’s rock-solid bass playing and down-home fiddling.

Get tickets at Brown Paper Tickets, online by clicking here

Fear of Strangers reunion concert

Join WEXT in welcoming the return of an iconic Local 518 band - FEAR OF STRANGERS!

Originally scheduled for June but postponed due to injury - the original line-up of Fear of Strangers/The Units comes back around to Albany like the re-appearance of a rare comet, with special guest Mike Kelley rounding out the band.

The Hollow Bar + Kitchen
79 Pearl Street, Albany

September 23 - 9pm

Johnny Morse

Join Andy Gregory tonight at 11pm (and Saturday at 6pm) for the Local518 ‪‎Show. There's music by Coupons, Angels on the Fourth, Moriah Formica, Steven Candlen, Rhiannon's Lark, and Andrew Wheeler.  PLUS, the ‎Attic Classic is the title track from Cohoes Wall of Famer The John Morse Band's only studio album.  

The show is followed by a 518 Session from Yankee Holler.