Local 518

Luminous Crush

Laura Molinelli and Ben Campbell stopped by to play a few songs from the new album by Luminous Crush called "Lumina," and a couple songs from the forthcoming recording The Bondville Boys will be doing (both are members of both bands).

Have a listen to the session here.

Fear Of Strangers

September 23, 2016, Fear Of Strangers reunite to play some old favorites, and a few new things that will delight the fans.  The show is at The Hollow in Albany.  Click here for details.  They dropped by for a session with Chris Wienk.  Check it out here.

1313 Mockingbird Lane

Join Andy Gregory tonight at 11pm (and Saturday 6pm) for the Local 518 ‪‎Show‬. There's music by The Sea The Sea, Bendt, Bob Warren, The Last Conspirators, Good Fiction, and Sly Fox and the Hustlers. PLUS an ‎Attic Classic‬ from 1313 Mockingbird Lanes' 1993 disc 'Triskaidekaphobia'. "(I Don't Wanna) Hold Your Hand" - anti-Beatles song? Tune in, give a listen, and decide.

Dan Berggren and Ed Lowman

Dan Berggren's Adirondack roots have sustained this award-winning folk musician for over 40 years, filling his performances with honesty, humor and a strong sense of place. He's joined by Ed Lowman’s rock-solid bass playing and down-home fiddling.

Get tickets at Brown Paper Tickets, online by clicking here

Fear of Strangers reunion concert

Join WEXT in welcoming the return of an iconic Local 518 band - FEAR OF STRANGERS!

Originally scheduled for June but postponed due to injury - the original line-up of Fear of Strangers/The Units comes back around to Albany like the re-appearance of a rare comet, with special guest Mike Kelley rounding out the band.

The Hollow Bar + Kitchen
79 Pearl Street, Albany

September 23 - 9pm

Johnny Morse

Join Andy Gregory tonight at 11pm (and Saturday at 6pm) for the Local518 ‪‎Show. There's music by Coupons, Angels on the Fourth, Moriah Formica, Steven Candlen, Rhiannon's Lark, and Andrew Wheeler.  PLUS, the ‎Attic Classic is the title track from Cohoes Wall of Famer The John Morse Band's only studio album.  

The show is followed by a 518 Session from Yankee Holler.

Acoustic Trauma

Join Andy Gregory tonight at 11pm, and Saturday at 6pm, for the Local 518 ‪‎Show‬. There's music by Great Mutations, Bathrobe Robots, Jocelyn & Chris Arndt, John Rice, Luminous Crush, Shoebox Dojo, and Mike Campese. PLUS an ‎Attic Classic‬ from Acoustic Trauma - where acoustic does not mean laid back, nor unplugged.

518 For 518

Aug 11, 2016
518 for 518
Israel Singer

518 for 518 Four great bands from the 518 --  Carl Daniels, Yellow Montego, SubSlab and Something Lost -- are playing for you. And to benefit WEXT, Exit 97.7FM, the radio station that makes it its mission to promote local musical diversity & creativity.

Blackcat Elliot

Join Andy Gregory tonight at 11pm, and Saturday at 6pm, for the Local 518 ‪‎Show‬. There's music by Boy Go Fast, Kayln Rock, Russel the Leaf, Stacia Burns, Dooojj, Haley Moley, and Small Town Glow. PLUS an ‎#AtticClassic‬ from Blackcat Elliot - three troublesome, mischievous lads churning out guitar driven rock.

This week's show is followed by a 518 Session with Dust Bowl Faeries. 

Local 518 Attic Classic

Join Andy Gregory tonight at 6pm for the Local 518 ‪‎Show‬. There's music by Ryan Clark, Acid Reins, Band of Ghosts, Red Haired Strangers, Benjamin Franklin Band, WoodchuckWood. PLUS, an ‎Attic Classic‬ from Dennis McCafferty's avant-pop band The Ushers.

Jim Gaudet & The Railroad Boys

Jim Gaudet & The Railroad Boys came by to celebrate the release of their new album, "When It Rains."

Mother Flag Country

Join Andy Gregory tonight at 11pm (and Saturday at 6pm) for the Local 518 ‪‎Show‬. There's music by Ray Murray and the Bomb Squad, Eastern Electric, The North & South Dakotas, Jasper, Joe Mansman and The Midnight Revival Band, and Jim Gaudet and The Railroad Boys.  PLUS an ‎Attic Classic‬ from Mother, Flag & Country - a band that parted ways in 1976, getting together 35 years later to finally record their album "Taking A Mulligan."

Hear the Local 518 show all over again, each week.

Diversion Factor

Join Andy Gregory tonight at 11pm (and Saturday at 6pm) for the Local 518 ‪‎Show‬. There's music by Andrew James Mirabile, The Kindness, Hammer Hawk, Better By Morning, Callout Culture, and Complicated Shirt. PLUS an ‎Attic Classic‬ from Diversion Factor's 'Scenario 6' album. It's a cool album; even cooler is it features cover design and illustrations by Albany cartoonist Raoul Vezina, well known for his "Smilin' Ed" series.

Dust Bowl Faeries

The amazing Ryder Cooley brought her band, Dust Bowl Faeries by the studio just ahead of their show at the Tang Museum on July 8th.  Enjoy a little dark, gothic folk.

Hear the Local 518 Show with Andy Gregory - Thursdays at 11pm and Saturdays at 6pm.

Hector On Stilts

Join Andy Gregory Thursday at 11pm and Saturday at 6pm for the Local 518 ‪‎Show‬. There's music by Sly Fox and The Hustlers, Titanics, Candy Ambulance, Palm Blush, JB aka Dirty Moses, Myron James, and Shane Guerrette PLUS an ‎Attic Classic‬ from Hector's first record 'Waiting To Go On', before he left for a southern climate.

Following the show is a 518 Session with Super 400. 

If you don't see the player, hit refresh.

Phoebe Henry Attic Classic

Join Andy Gregory tonight at 11pm for the Local 518 ‪‎Show‬. He's got music by Desafinado, Immune Friction, Talia Denis, Scientific Maps, Let's Be Leonard, and Dan Johnson PLUS an ‎Attic Classic‬ from Phoebe Henry's 2005 'Twelve Red Roses' disc, released just before her music career surged after winning a songwriting competition.

Art in The Park

Jun 9, 2016
Art In The Park

Art in the Park is two separate days of fine art in Saratoga Springs' historic downtown Congress Park, curated and presented by Saratoga Arts. Each exhibition features artists from the greater Saratoga and Capital regions, displaying and selling their original two- and three-dimensional creations and personally-designed and crafted functional art in a beautiful park setting. Artists will be on hand to discuss their drawing, painting, ceramics, jewelry, sculpture, photography, print-making, and work in other media.

Visit Darling Valley

Jun 4, 2016
Darling Valley

Darling Valley announce "Crooked Orchards"

That's right! The four in Darling Valley are thrilled to bring you the details of their brand new record which is coming out June 24th on Sounds and Tones Records! 

New Shiny Things

Join Andy Gregory tonight at 11pm for the Local 518 ‪‎Show‬. He's got music by The Figgs, Belle-Skinner, The Matchstick Architects, Eastbound Jesus, The Penny Jar, Tim Olsen Band, and Party Of Three. PLUS an ‎Attic Classic‬ from the 1982 debut single by New Shiny Things, a collaboration between Billy Harrigan and Sara Ayers.