The Super Secret Local 518 Compilation

Jul 7, 2017

The email we received in the wee hours of July 7th, 2017 read as follows:

Hello WEXT Friends!

Happy Birthday!

The Super Secret 518 crew is a small, anonymous squad of local musicians who decided to organize a surprise compilation of Local 518 covers performed by other Local 518 performers. We figured there'd be no better way to thank you for your crucial role in the community than to pay tribute to this community in song. 

We sought out artists and bands who have seen an impact from what WEXT can do as well as folks we discovered from listening to the station. By no means is this list exhaustive, nor complete but we do believe it is a great slice of what has gone on here and what IS going on here. 

Once an artist agreed to be a part of the (top secret) project, we "assigned" a 518 artist to cover. From there, the coverer had free rein over what song s/he picked. 

When we started to receive submissions in June, we simply couldn't believe how good the material was. Not only were the recordings reverent to the originals, they seemed to fit the vibe and the intent of the station. Win-win!

Like your launch on 7/7/7, we will go live with a SoundCloud for the public to stream and download for free around noon today. (meaning July 7, 2017).

 Click here to stream or download the compilation.

[And] the album cover, [was] supplied graciously by your own Laura Glazer, who agreed to let us use this picture before she even knew what it was for. 

That's it folks!

We love you, we appreciate the last ten years and we look forward to at least thirty more. 

S S 5 1 8

(The Sea The Sea, Bear Grass, Bryan Thomas, Kimono Dragons, Stellar Young, Titanics, Cannon the Brave, Rebel Darling, Rodeo Barons, Ashley Sofia, The North & South Dakotas, The Parlor, Swamp Baby, Sawyer Fredricks)