Hear Monster Movie's Gracefully Gigantic And Melodic 'Keep The Voices Distant'

Mar 8, 2017

With Slowdive's live reunion, stellar new song and promise of more material, you could forgive guitarist Christian Savill if he set aside any other projects for the time being. But no, Slowdive's return actually seems to have spurred more activity — he and Sean Hewson's long-running project Monster Movie will release Keep The Voices Distant, its fifth album and its first with an expanded band, next month. Not coincidentally, Monster Movie's gentle dream-pop has never sounded so gigantic.

On a record that largely plays up a beefier rhythm section (Air Formation's James Harrison on drums and Slowdive's Nick Chaplin on bass), the title track is the most reminiscent of Savill's work in Slowdive, where guitars catch the glints off mirror balls, with a pop-focused melody. It glides gracefully with girth, the bass and drums rumbling just beneath to ground a track that might just float away.

Keep The Voices Distant comes out March 31 on Graveface.

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