Happy #Local518Day!

May 18, 2016

Credit The Tang/Michael Janairo

Here's a note from our Local 518 DJ, Andy Gregory:

Happy #518 Day!

On behalf of CRUMBS.net, I'm pleased to announce that the 2016 Q1 Local Music Report - Recordings and Videos (and More) will be available Wednesday May 18th 2016 at http://blog.timesunion.com/localmusic/. The report covers the time period of January 1st to March 31st. We inadvertently missed a few before that time period, which were brought to our attention by fans, bands and others, so we mention them in a (thankfully short) list.

The plan for the CRUMBS Local Music blog at the Albany Times Union website is to provide quarterly reports on videos and recordings (and more) by Capital Region musicians, bands, and artists, instead of a year end summary. We decided to do this to give more timely information to people interested in the local music scene.

Perhaps you could make note of the content in the reports in some way - social media, in print, web sites, blogs, on-air. I believe that would be very much appreciated by the creative Capital Region musicians, bands, and artists looking to have their works seen & heard.
Thanks for your consideration,

Andy Gregory
Host - The Local 518 Show, Exit 97.7 WEXT-FM http://exit977.org/programs/local-518-show
Blogger-At-Large, CRUMBS - Albany Times Union
Cohost - CRUMBS Café