Arkells On World Cafe

Feb 15, 2017

Think back to your college days and you can probably name at least one band that got together in its members' dorm rooms and played a couple of sweaty late nights at the local campus dive bar, but didn't make it past graduation. If that's the college-bar-band rule, Arkells is the exception. The band formed more than a decade ago in the dorms at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, and last week it returned to that same city to headline its first sold-out arena show. It was a full-circle moment for a band that's earned its fans one bead of sweat at a time.

Arkells' fourth full-length album, Morning Report, features the sunny pop-rock spirit that it uses to turn every rock show into a dance party. It also features some real-life stories from the band members' friends, family and flames — including Drake's dad, Dennis Graham. Hear the stories and shake out your troubles in a session with this Canadian barrel of fun.

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