WEXT Midday DJ/Program Coordinator

Monday - Friday 10am - 3pm

Eva has been obsessed with music ever since she was a little girl. Whether it was dancing around the house with her sisters or tinkering with the piano at her parent’s and trying to teach herself how to play it always put a smile on her face.

Music never left the spotlight of her life as she grew up. Eva is a classical flute player actively performing in the capital region. She performed with an awarded salsa band for 2 years on tenor saxophone. If she’s not at rehearsal or performing herself you can almost always find her at a concert. Especially Local 518 shows! She’s a lover of all genres of music with the only guideline of “if it makes me move my body or moves my soul I’m buying that record.”   

A college student completing her degree in Music Audio Technology she persistently reminded her professor for an entire semester that she wanted her internship to be at Exit 97.7. When the internship spot was chosen for another student she didn’t take no for an answer and got the other student to switch with her!

Excited to immerse herself in the world of radio at her favorite station she got the surprise of a lifetime. Only her second week as an intern and she was asked to fill in an open Sunday DJ slot! That one Sunday turned into two months and now with her shiny new degree in hand Eva has joined the Exit team officially.

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