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Thanks to The Honest Weight Food Co-op for supporting our efforts with The Local 518.


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Our new Local 518 Show hosted by Andy Gregory features all kinds of music from all around the 518.  Andy’s love for the artists and bands of the region is legend.  He’s been very devoted to the success and well-being of the musicians in the community.  He’s the perfect DJ for the show.  If you want to get your music to Andy, our submission process is below.

We at Exit 97.7 are proud to be a part of the local music scene. We love the music. We love the artists. We’re very excited to play a lot of it – every single day!

We have a show featuring performances and interview with artists from the area. It’s on Thursdays at 1130p, and Saturdays at 630p.


The Local 518 Show’s page

The 518 Sessions page

Submit your music

We’d love to have you submit your music. We cannot play anything that has been compressed from original WAV or AIF (no MP3s, etc). Please do not email us any music files. If you want to write us about submitting music, that’s cool. Fill out the feedback form.

Demos are accepted as long as the files have never been MP3, or anything but AIF or WAV files.

All physical CD submissions become property of WEXT, and will not be returned.

Send your CDs with lyrics (please flag all the bad words!) to:

Local 5-1-8
97-7 WEXT
4 Global View
Troy, NY 12180