About Us

97.7 WEXT is a listener-supported rock music radio station from WMHT Educational Telecommunications.

Our goal is to provide you a unique listening experience with music that knows no boundary of genre. The focus is on emerging artists, classic songs that regular radio has forgotten, and especially music from the region (the Local 518).

This won’t work without listener support. We will run the station as efficiently as possible.  The staff runs WEXT out of a love for all kinds of music. We’ve cobbled ourselves together because we, like you, couldn’t find a decent radio station to listen to. You can count on us to provide you with a place for musical discovery, but we count on you for support, feedback and anything else you can do to help.

The on air staff is who you hear each day, but there are many people all throughout our organization who have helped to put the station together, and who continue to offer their help on a daily basis. Without these people – without you, we could not exist. So, please leave regular radio behind and take The Exit with us.

Thank you!
The WEXT Team

Air Staff
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Dave Michaels
(Mon-Fri 5a-10a)
Chris Wienk
(Mon-Fri 12-6p)
(Mon-Fri 6p-11p)

Bill Winans
Bill Winans
(Sat 5a-8a)

(Sat 12n-6p)
Joyce Jackey
Joyce Jackey
(Sun 10a-3p)
Wayne Henning
Wayne Henning
(Sun 3p-8p)

Public File

97.7 EXT is part of WMHT Educational Telecommunications. Our public file is on display at our studios at 4 Global View, Troy, NY 12180 and our EEO Report is viewable online at WMHT’s website under About Us.

As part of WMHT, their board is our board.  It maintains a page that includes information about the board and meetings (including minutes of past meetings). You can click here to see that information.