WEXT’s 2014 Local 518 Calendar


WEXT’s 2014 Local 518 Calendar is here!

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Each month features a beautiful scene, artfully taken by Julia Zave and her team featuring Sean Rowe, Olivia Quillio, Eastbound Jesus, Charlie Watts Riots, Molly Durnin, Rosary Beard, MR Poulopoulos, Lucky Jukebox Brigade, Stellar Young, Ashley Sofia, Sgt Dunbar & The Hobo Banned, and MaryLeigh Roohan.

Proceeds from the purchase of our exclusive WEXT’s 2014 Local 518 Calendar will support WEXT’s efforts to bring you an eclectic, unique and diverse music mix, including the great Local 518 music each hour.

View the special behind the scenes trailer after the break.  And now, you can order a copy, too.  Either keep reading for the “widget,” or click here.

WEXT Calendar Behind the Scenes Preview! from Monkfish Media Group on Vimeo.

Support independent publishing: Buy this calendar on Lulu.

Special thanks to Julia Zave for the concept, photos and genuine love for WEXT. We love you back! Thank you!!  Thanks also to the entire team Julia put together (Kiki, Katie, and the list goes on!) to make this calendar the most amazing thing ever.  And thank you to each and every Local 518 musician for giving WEXT a purpose – a reason to keep on keepin’ on.  You all rock! The WEXT 2014 Local 518 Calendar is made possible by grants from Saratoga Zymurgist, New World Bistro Bar, and School Of Rock in Latham.

School_of_rock_Albany-high_rez     NWBB LOGO JPEG-1     Saratoga Zymurgist


Calendar production credits include:

Erin Marzilli of EMarz Make Up
Jaysie Walts of Hair Creations
Jessica Lynn Gahring and Nick Reinert of Ms. Retro Dixie Tattoo
Julia Zave of Julia Zave Photography
Katie Diduch Graphic Design
Kiki Vassilakis of MonkFish media Group
Leah Marzilli of Leah Francesca
Tara Holmes of Tiane Novati
Tina DiCocco Pelech of TMD Photography
Vic Christopher of The Lucas Confectionery
WEXT and Chris Wienk, Dave Michaels, Joyce Jackey and KTG
William Dalback, President of Ticonderoga Historical Association
WMHT Production and the following underwriters New World Bistro Bar, School of Rock and Saratoga Zymurgist
Yuliya Peshkova, Lighting Assistant